Live For Today Foundation, Inc. is a non profit organization based in Jacksonville, FL whose mission is to help young adults with cancer by providing dynamic opportunities, fostering community support, and promoting healthy living. Our organization was co-founded by three young adults who each battled cancer.  During their treatments, they gained a unique perspective on living each day to its fullest and were inspired to help others in similar situations.

The emotional effects of being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness at a young age are immense.  Many young people, who are now patients, lose a sense of purpose, motivation and direction.  By inspiring them to change the way they approach each day, we strive to help our members find enjoyment and fulfillment. We have four programs to help them accomplish this goal – Life Adventures, Everyday Experiences, Member Support, and Healthy Living.

Life Adventures provide our members with a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Our Everyday Experiences program gives away free event tickets and creative lessons to our members, when available. Member Support inspires friendship through group activities and a buddy mentorship program.  Lastly, the Healthy Living program encourages the general health and well-being of our members through partnerships with yoga studios, fitness centers and spas.

We hope to create a newly awakened sense of hope and joy for life by encouraging our members to stop letting cancer define their lives and start living for each day.